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The advantages of wooden windows

Throughout history, wooden window frames have been the primary (or exclusive) choice for classical and contemporary properties alike. However, traditional wooden windows have gradually begun taking a backseat to advanced 21st century alternatives.

An example of this are UPVC windows, which are renowned for being low-maintenance, durable and cost effective over the long-term.

But does this mean that wooden window frames have had their time? Given the cutting-edge alternative options available, is there any place left on the market for traditional wooden window frames?

The answer is yes – wooden window frames (and door frames) can still be advantageous over comparable materials in a number of ways.

Environmental preservation

You’d be forgiven for thinking that windows manufactured from wood couldn’t possibly be environmentally friendly. In reality, responsible producers and manufacturers now ensure that for every tree used to produce wooden products, several more trees are planted in their place.

In addition, the overall manufacturing process for wooden doors and windows can actually be more environmentally friendly than that of synthetic frames.

Wooden window durability

Though quality standards vary from one product or manufacturer to the next, it is typically recommended that UPVC frames are replaced every 30 years or so.  By contrast, the highest quality wooden frames available have an average lifespan in excess of 60 years. All of which adds up to exceptional long-term cost effectiveness, along with the durability needed to protect your home over many years.

Timeless elegance

Most alternative materials used in the manufacture of window frames can be finished in a variety of ways. Some can even faithfully recreate the look of natural wood with timber alternative windows. Nevertheless, there’s something uniquely appealing about the timeless elegance and sophistication of traditional wooden windows.

As an added bonus, there’s also the option of painting and repainting wooden windows periodically. This allows your windows to be updated and refreshed with a whole variety colours and finishes.

Wood thermal efficiency

There are many alternative window frame materials on the market that are designed specifically with superior thermal efficiency in mind. By its very nature, natural wood is one of the most consistently effective insulators of all materials used in the manufacture of window frames and doors. Hence, quality wooden windows have the potential to boost thermal efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Improved kerb appeal

If the durability and efficiency wasn’t enough, there’s also the potential for quality wooden windows to contribute to the market value of any residential property.

Wooden windows and doors continue to be considered marks of distinction by many, thereby adding immediate and ongoing kerb appeal to your home.

Wooden window safety

Last up, the combination of robust wooden window frames with the highest-quality glazing creates the kind of safety and security that translate to total peace of mind. Often on a superior level to most comparable materials, wooden window frames can help protect your home from both the outside elements and unauthorised entry.

For more information on the benefits of wooden windows or to discuss your requirements in more detail, contact A&C Glazing today.

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