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Key considerations when choosing new windows

It’s easy to forget what the average home’s windows endure on a continuous basis. Taking the brunt of the harshest elements 24/7, it’s inevitable that all windows and doors will eventually need replacing.

Which begs the question – what needs to be considered when choosing new windows?

Various options are available to suit all preferences, priorities and budgets, so selecting the cheapest windows on the market is not the way to go.

Rather than simply focusing on rock bottom prices, we strongly advise prioritising the following when considering window replacements:

Window security features

First and foremost, it’s worth factoring in the extent to which your chosen frames will contribute to home security. There’s a huge and important difference between windows designed specifically with security in mind and those simply thrown together without a second thought.

If protecting your family and your possessions is a priority, factor safety and security into your decision.

Glazing energy efficiency

According to the Energy Saving Trust, upgrading to the highest-quality double-glazed window frames could save the average home approximately £110 per year. That can really add up over time.

The less energy efficient your existing windows are, the more you stand to save by upgrading to something superior.

This is why the energy efficiency (or energy grading/rating) of your new window frames should not be overlooked. Even if it means spending more, the additional costs could be augmented by significant long-term savings.

Window noise reduction

Modern window frames benefit from improved noise reduction, creating a calmer, quieter and more tranquil interior environment. This may not be a priority outside of Oxford centre, but it can make a real difference in busy urban areas.

Incredibly, the higher-quality windows on the market have the potential to reduce noise by as much as 95%.

Window material options

Choosing from the various window materials available is often a case of personal preference than compromise.

Nevertheless, it’s worth considering the unique advantages of each of the main material types, as follows:

PVCu windows

The most common material used in casement window construction, which combines durability and enhanced security with cost effective pricing.

Wooden windows

The traditional choice for windows and doors of distinction, wooden windows offer an unrivalled aesthetic and a lifespan of up to 60 years.

Aluminium windows

Lightweight, durable and practically maintenance free, aluminium windows are available with various finishes to suit classical and contemporary homes.

If unsure as to which material best suits your requirements and budget, consult us for some impartial advice before making your decision.

Additional window features

You will also want to consider the additional features and add-ons your windows will (or won’t) be compatible with.

For example, some frames come complete with cutting-edge locking systems built into the frames that are practically invisible.

Likewise, some window frames are compatible with certain types of blinds and shutters, while others are not.

The right window supplier

Last but not least, choosing the right supplier is just as important as choosing the right windows.

As you’re making a major investment in the quality, comfort and value of your property, it makes sense to work exclusively with a top-rated specialist you can trust.

Always consult customer reviews and feedback ahead of time, before deciding whom to supply and fit your windows.

For more information or to book your obligation-free consultation, call us on 01865 24 33 00.

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Double glazing windows repair, Abingdon

A&C replaced broken hinges on a double glazed window for me, after I’d failed to get several other glazers to do the work, as it was too small a job to interest most of them. A&C were here on time and did an excellent job. When I get round to replacing some windows I will definitely use them again!

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