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A window into double-glazing sales tactics

The prevalence of dodgy double glazing salesmen stalking the streets of the UK has diminished hugely over the years. To such an extent that it is now comparatively rare to come across an installer who genuinely wants to rip you off.

Still, where there’s a will to profit at the expense of others, there’s a way to make it happen. But if you’re wise to certain tactics, protecting yourselves from unethical sales pitches is pretty easy.

So, whether you’re planning on replacing a single window or considering an upgrade for your entire home, be on the lookout for the following during the initial consultation:

1. Price conditioning

One of the most prolific sales techniques used by questionable companies over the years, is price conditioning. This occurs when sellers establish an expected target price in the minds of their customers. It then typically tends to be nothing like the genuine price of the project.

Always be wary when a salesperson in any context asks what kind of price you would like to pay. By extracting this information, they’ll then be in a position to make you believe the the job can be done within this price constraint. When in reality, there’s every chance they’ll vastly exceed this amount, having at no point formally agreed to stick to it.

2. ‘One day only’ deals

Anyone who tries to close a double glazing sale with a special deal or discount available ‘for one day only’ is rarely a trustworthy glazier.  Under no circumstances would a credible glazing company offer clients a ‘huge and exclusive’ discount with only the rest of the day to make their decision.

Rushing buyers into making important decisions like these is irresponsible. In addition, every deal you’re told is a ‘one day only’ deal is simply the standard going rate of the glazer. They’re just telling you it’s time limited to put you under pressure, indicating that they are a seller you should not be doing business with.

3. Prices excluding key costs

One of the easiest ways of misleading buyers in any line of business is to make them think they’re getting a better deal than they actually are. As far as low-grade glazing companies go, this usually means providing incomplete quotations that don’t paint an accurate picture of what’s actually on the table.

For example, they could offer you an unbeatable quote of £X per window – 100% guaranteed not to increase. Though in doing so, fail to mention that the final price you pay will also include installation hardware, labour, equipment hire costs, insurance levies, perhaps even arrangement fees and so on.

4. Advising against discounted products

This is a clever yet completely underhanded trick that can be surprisingly effective. You’re attracted by the offer of 60% off the windows and doors you’re interested in, to such an extent that you arrange a formal consultation with the seller. At which point, they vigorously recommend against the discounted windows and doors (usually telling you they’re no good), or inform you that they’re no longer available.

All of which is followed by a high-pressure presentation of a much more expensive set of windows and doors for your home, that you’ll feel obliged to consider.

If they don’t have what you wanted or (bizarrely) recommend against their advertised products, you might want to take your business elsewhere.

5. Quoting prices ‘starting from’

Most businesses indicate the lowest possible prices of their products by stating ‘prices starting from’. But when the time comes to start discussing the windows and doors you need, all mentions of ‘prices from’ should be eliminated from the equation. Under no circumstances should you be made to believe this is the price you’ll pay, unless it’s actually the case.

With windows, the lowest advertised prices from any given glazer will apply to a product with a very specific shape, size, specification and configuration. Any alterations to these parameters will result in new (and often considerably higher) prices. When discussing the windows and doors you need, request a clear, comprehensive and binding quotation of the price you can expect to pay.

For more information about our ethical glazing standards, book your obligation-free consultation with A&C Glazing today.

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