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10 reasons to install modern double glazing

Not all double glazing is equal. Far from it, as quality standards often vary enormously from one product to the next.

It’s easy to assume that the double glazing you bought years (or decades) ago is still the epitome of quality, security and practicality. But with advances in double glazing technology every year, here’s a rundown of 10 reasons to consider installing more modern double glazing:

1. Better window insulation

The latest double glazing frames takes thermal efficiency to an entirely new level. Great for keeping your interiors warm in winter and cool during the summer months, today’s top of the line double glazing provides the ultimate in year-round comfort.

2. Reduced window noise

Quality modern double glazing can also significantly reduce the level of exterior noise that makes its way into your home. This benefit can be particularly helpful for homes in busy urban areas, but can nonetheless bring welcome relief to all types of contemporary classical homes alike.

3. Enhanced window security

One of the biggest advantages of an investment in superior double glazing is the peace of mind that comes with enhanced home security. From toughened glass to durable fittings to in-built locking mechanisms of the highest quality, the presence of advanced double glazing alone serves as an effective deterrent for burglars.

4. Energy efficient windows

By helping keep interior temperatures comfortable throughout the year, modern double glazing can also contribute to energy efficiency. The result of which is lower energy bills, which adds up to long-term value for money.

5. Increased property value

Windows and doors play a key role determining the overall market value of any property. The more advanced and sophisticated the double glazing, the bigger contribution to your home’s value. This can also provide exceptional long-term value for money, potentially augmenting the costs of the double glazing with an increased property value.

6. Reduced UV damage

Exposure to direct sunlight (even through windows) can take a toll on your possessions, your furnishings and even your carpets. This is where quality double glazing can help, significantly reducing the level of UV radiation in your home.

7. Less environmental impact

It’s worth bearing in mind that when you use less energy to heat your home and keep your rooms at a comfortable temperature, you also reduce your carbon footprint. In addition, some of the most advanced double glazing products and components on the market are manufactured by responsible and sustainable means. As a result, upgrading to more superior, modern double glazing could also help you do your ‘bit’ for the environment.

8. Reduced glass condensation

Condensation and mist that forms in-between the panes of a sealed double glazed unit is frustrating and unsightly. This common problem with traditional double glazing has been addressed with the latest advances in glazing technology. Investing in higher quality windows and doors can significantly reduce the build-up of condensation and misting from between glazed panes.

9. Minimal window maintenance

With the bare minimum care and maintenance, premium double glazed windows and doors from a reputable supplier can protect and enhance your home for decades to come. Shy of the occasional wipe or clean, there really is very little you’ll need to do to keep your home safe, protected and looking pristine.

10. Stylish window design

Double glazed units in classical and contemporary homes are becoming more sophisticated, elegant and impressive to look at all the time.  Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and finishes to suit all tastes and preferences, your double glazed windows can be tailored to sympathetically match your home.

Whether considering an imminent upgrade or thinking more long-term, we’d be happy to provide you with an obligation free consultation. Call A&C Glazing to discuss our modern double glazing products in more detail.

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uPVC double glazed windows and uPVC French door, Oxfordshire

I chose this company after reading the reviews on here and I was very happy with them. They replaced almost all our windows (which are single glazed) with new PVC double glazed windows, and a double french door. They were helpful with deciding on what design was right for each window. They did a good and neat job and we are a lot warmer this winter than last. The windows are very good quality and I’m optimistic they will last.

A&C Glazing also replaced the double glazed units in some Velux windows for us. They gave a quote which included scaffolding to reach one of the Veluxes, and when they were able to do the job without scaffolding the final bill was reduced.

Lemur, Which Local