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  • How to keep on top of home improvements this winter

    Winter isn’t considered the optimal time to start many home improvement projects. Some outdoor jobs may be inaccessible for the time being, but there is still a lot you could be working on indoors. Here we take a look at just a few straightforward and inexpensive home improvements that can be carried out during the […]

  • Window and door winter maintenance tips

    Throughout the warmer months of the year, we keep our windows and doors open to let the fresh air in. But when the weather turns cooler, the importance of high-quality windows and doors becomes apparent. We go from welcoming the elements in, to wanting to keep them at bay. If your home is not protected […]

  • How to save money with a thermally efficient home

    Many households across Oxfordshire would make considerable annual savings with an improvement to their home’s thermal efficiency. Although thermally efficient houses are cheaper to maintain than less efficient dwellings, some homeowners are put off by having to make the necessary improvements. So which energy efficiency options can guarantee the biggest long-term savings? If you’re planning […]

  • What you need to know about secondary glazing

    You may be aware of secondary glazing, but not so familiar with its potential applications and benefits. What exactly is secondary glazing and to what extent can it improve energy efficiency? The insulating benefits of secondary glazing If your double glazed panels are old or of low quality, they may not be providing adequate insulation for […]

  • Five things to avoid when cleaning windows

    It may seem impossible to go wrong when cleaning your home’s exterior windows. But you could be making things far tougher than necessary. With this in mind, here’s a few things to avoid to get your windows looking great – quickly and efficiently. Cleaning windows in the wrong weather Cleaning windows in bad weather can […]

  • Green Homes Grants scheme basics

    You may be aware of the government’s Green Homes Grants scheme. Originally announced on July 8th, the grant was introduced to provide homeowners and landlords with ‘vouchers’ worth up to £10,000 for energy efficient property improvements. The announcement resulted in more questions than answers for most homeowners. So if you’re unsure of how the scheme […]

  • Dealing with double-glazing condensation

    Dealing with condensation on the surface of a window is frustrating. But when condensation begins appearing inside double-glazed panels, it can be especially unsightly and annoying. Condensation inside double-glazed panels confirms that your windows are actually doing their job. It’s a sign that cold air is being blocked from your interiors, which are being kept […]

  • How to use static cling window Film

    Some windows overlook an attractive outdoor space. Others are less of a desirable feature. They are inconveniently positioned and can compromise the privacy of your home interiors. It’s possible to solve this problem with little more than a roll of static cling window film. This is a simple, effective and decorative home improvement product, designed […]

  • Four reasons not to ignore a crack in your window

    When a small crack appears in one of the windows of your home, it might not seem like the biggest deal. With dozens of other things ranking higher on your list of priorities, it can be tempting to simply ignore it entirely. Unfortunately, ask any professional glazer and they’ll tell you that ignoring a crack […]

  • How to save money on new windows

    Cutting corners on quality when buying new windows is never advisable. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to minimise the costs of your investment, while still maintaining the highest quality standards. It’s a case of adjusting your approach, considering your requirements and exploring the various options available. Here are just a few ways of […]

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uPVC double glazed windows and uPVC French door, Oxfordshire

I chose this company after reading the reviews on here and I was very happy with them. They replaced almost all our windows (which are single glazed) with new PVC double glazed windows, and a double french door. They were helpful with deciding on what design was right for each window. They did a good and neat job and we are a lot warmer this winter than last. The windows are very good quality and I’m optimistic they will last.

A&C Glazing also replaced the double glazed units in some Velux windows for us. They gave a quote which included scaffolding to reach one of the Veluxes, and when they were able to do the job without scaffolding the final bill was reduced.

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