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  • Green Homes Grants scheme basics

    You may be aware of the government’s Green Homes Grants scheme. Originally announced on July 8th, the grant was introduced to provide homeowners and landlords with ‘vouchers’ worth up to £10,000 for energy efficient property improvements. The announcement resulted in more questions than answers for most homeowners. So if you’re unsure of how the scheme […]

  • Dealing with double-glazing condensation

    Dealing with condensation on the surface of a window is frustrating. But when condensation begins appearing inside double-glazed panels, it can be especially unsightly and annoying. Condensation inside double-glazed panels confirms that your windows are actually doing their job. It’s a sign that cold air is being blocked from your interiors, which are being kept […]

  • How to use static cling window Film

    Some windows overlook an attractive outdoor space. Others are less of a desirable feature. They are inconveniently positioned and can compromise the privacy of your home interiors. It’s possible to solve this problem with little more than a roll of static cling window film. This is a simple, effective and decorative home improvement product, designed […]

  • Four reasons not to ignore a crack in your window

    When a small crack appears in one of the windows of your home, it might not seem like the biggest deal. With dozens of other things ranking higher on your list of priorities, it can be tempting to simply ignore it entirely. Unfortunately, ask any professional glazer and they’ll tell you that ignoring a crack […]

  • How to save money on new windows

    Cutting corners on quality when buying new windows is never advisable. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to minimise the costs of your investment, while still maintaining the highest quality standards. It’s a case of adjusting your approach, considering your requirements and exploring the various options available. Here are just a few ways of […]

  • The pros and cons of triple glazing

    Upgrading your Oxfordshire home to triple glazed windows and doors may seem something of a no-brainer. After all, if double glazing is superior to single glazing, then surely triple glazing must be better than double, right? In some respects, the answer is yes – triple glazing improves upon some of the aspects of double glazing. […]

  • Window shutters vs blinds and curtains

    There’s no such thing as a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ choice where window dressings are concerned. Just as some like to cover their windows in thick and elaborate coverings, there are those who prefer little to no coverings at all. In addition, the location of your property, the direction of the windows and its existing décor […]

  • 6 reasons to replace your windows this summer

    When the temperature rises outdoors, it can be tempting to put off those long-overdue home improvements. You can probably think of far more enjoyable ways to spend your time while the weather is at its best. Nevertheless, there are several reasons why replacing your windows and doors in the summer can be advantageous. It’s possible […]

  • 10 reasons to install modern double glazing

    Not all double glazing is equal. Far from it, as quality standards often vary enormously from one product to the next. It’s easy to assume that the double glazing you bought years (or decades) ago is still the epitome of quality, security and practicality. But with advances in double glazing technology every year, here’s a […]

  • Windows and the summer sun

    Strategically positioned windows and doors are all about flooding our interiors with natural light. Not to mention, providing the best possible view of our surroundings – particularly for those lucky enough to have enviable vistas of Oxfordshire around the homes. But at the same time, glazed windows and doors can also make it difficult to […]

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Double glazed bay window, Kidlington

I needed a replacement double-glazed window pane for a bay window. Someone came to measure up on Wednesday and the new window was made and fitted on Friday. This was done very swiftly, the glass was given a clean inside and out (and the workmen always removed their shoes to come in the house!)

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